Thursday, November 11, 2004

Quick apologies...

Sorry for the nonexistent bloggin over the past several days. Brother-in-law got married over the weekend (tons of fun and alcohol were had by all) and I had an exam to deal with yesterday (I know you're concerned... I crushed it). But I'm back now, so hopefully I can pick things up where I left off.

But with the elections over now, you'd think the material at hand to use to poke fun at liberals would have dried up. But no, let not your hearts be troubled, even though they suffered significant losses on election day, that could never plug up the endless material that liberals continue to spew forth. The blogosphere may just have to dig a little deeper, that's all. Democrats lose the election, and the misjudgements and conspiracy theories abound (see any lefty blog for the latest outrageous conspiracy). The Republicans version of Zell Miller, Arlen Specter's appointment to the judiciary committee, and of course the death of Yasser Arafat strikes a blow to terrorists everywhere, not just in Palestine.

UPDATE: Found this at Cox & Forkum and thought you all might enjoy.