Sunday, October 31, 2004

115 flip-flops and counting

The blogosphere loves to rant on about Kerry and his flip-flops (and I don't mean sandals). But for most of us we just like to discuss a few specific ones that suit our purpose, and we miss the big picture. Well, House of Wheels has the big picture, all 115 of John Kerry's flip-flops. I didn't think it was possible to change your mind that often, but this proves me wrong. Some of my personal favorites are #111 (Tora Bora), #110 (his faith's importance), #101 (on being labelled a liberal), #82 (more/less troops), #62 (whether or not he has an SUV), and #28 (gas tax). It's almost Shakespearean that these flip-flops must be referred to by number. Maybe in a couple hundred years humanity will recognize John Kerry as the artist (liar) he truly is.

UPDATE #1: The fetching Mrs. Wookie points out that that many flip-flops in the spanm of a year would constitute a flip-flop every other day. That is an absolutely horrifying quality to have in a president.

UPDATE #2: I think I have flip-flop #116, John Kerry for snowmobiles and against snowmobiles.