Monday, November 01, 2004

Propositioning California

There are 15 propositions on the golden state's ballot this year (15 too many if you ask me). Here's my take on them and which way I'm voting.

1A: YES. Keeps money grubbing state politicians' fingers out of the piggy banks of the local governments

59: YES. Public information actually open to the public. You don't say.

60: NO. Can't find too much info, something about political party rights, whatever. If you don't know, vote no.

60A: NO. See above reason.

61: NO. We do need more hospitals, but not at this kind of cost.

62: NO. Open primaries? Elections are too complicated for most of the country already (see 2000 hanging chad fiasco).

63: NO. More taxes and more bureaucracy. A double whammy. We want business to stay in the state not move to Arizona and Nevada.

64: YES. Close lawsuit loophole. Good idea. Next year we need a proposition to start closing the loophole for lawyers in general.

65: NO. More state/city economic conflict better resolved by 1A.

66: NO. Three strike law for those on a diet, tastes great but less filling of prisons with prisoners. I personally don't care what the thrid strike is. If they've got two already, you think they'd figure out to keep their noses clean after they get out.

67: NO. More taxes on phones. No, no, no.

68: NO. Casinos taxes and assorted poltical handwringing. Don't need it, don't vote for it.

69: YES. DNA database for felons. If you're not a felon you've got nothing to worry about. See response to 66 above.

70: NO. Casinos and taxes part II. No, no, no, pt. II.

71: NO. Bond for stem cell research. Great, borrow more money and put us deeper in debt. Researchers are doing just fine on their own, they don't need government's help.

72: NO. Health care requirements for business will drive business out of state. Whatever happend to the free market? Personal responsibility? Keep the government from regulating us to death.

Q: NO. Not that I care about Fillmore, I'm just tired of these damn measures and propositions. Fillmore is buying a pool. Yippee.

R: NO. Bond for schools. No more debt. figure some other way to pay for it.

S: NO. Bond for community colleges. Some personal interest here (currently taking classes at Moorpark CC). They are fairly pathetic and do need the money, but read my lips, no more debt (less fountains and beautification crap, more money for schools, labs in particular).

T: NO. Reduces business tax late fees... blah, blah, blah... only unincorporated areas... blah, blah, blah.... Pay you bills on time. My gas and cable company slam me with fees if I'm late with payments. Memo to everyone: pay your bills on time.

For some other opinions on the California propositions see Dennis Prager, Citizen Smash, & Neophyte Pundit.