Monday, December 27, 2004

South East Asia suffers 9.0 earthquake

Being born and raised in California, this strikes close to home. I remember watching the 1989 San Francisco earthquake coverage on TV and that was only a 6.7 and living through a 6.7 in the LA area in 1994, but I believe the power of the earthquake increases a thousand fold every 1.0 it increases. That is impossible to fathom. Something that big in the LA area would destroy most of the greater LA area. Hundreds of thousands would die. In this case it appears the tsunamis were more deadly and the epicenter was apparently out at sea (although I don't know that for sure. My company has all news sites blocked by friggin' Websense), but go check out Tim Blair for a full round up on all aspects of this tragedy (via House of Wheels).

If you can afford it, donate money to victims. Here's a list of sites.