Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Tragedy in Mosul

Yesterday's terrorist attack on a messhall in Mosul to this point has killed 19 and wounded 45. The best description of the honor of our men and women serving are at Training for Eternity (via Shot in the Dark). He's a chaplain currently serving in Iraq and was in Mosul for the aftermath of the attack. Before the MSM gets too caught up in the horrors of war, please read his post:

As my assistnt and I walked away at the end of the day I saw another chaplain and a soldier standing among the silent rows of black body bags. The soldier wanted to see his friend one more time. We slowly and as respectfully as possible unzipped the bag to reveal the face of a very young Private First Class. His friend stared for a few seconds then turned away and began to cry.

The last count was 25 dead, and around 45 wounded. Nevertheless, our cause is just and God is in control even when the crap is a yard deep. I'm where God wants me and wouldn't change that for anything, even if it means death. After all, "to die is gain".

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