Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Adventures of a first-time homeowner, pt. 2

Well part 3 actually because I added that update on my distaste for wallpaper to the original post. But I digress...

Now I'm not a most "handy" of guys. I can hold my own on a very limited basis, but overall I wouldn't say I'm handy. So when the fetching Mrs. Wookie is looking to add handles and knobs to all handle-less kitchen drawers and knob-less kitchen cabinets, I figured no biggie. Drill a few holes and bam we're done.

Two things: One, as I was writing this post, this picture from our recent Ireland trip came to mind. Not sure why...

And two, you actually need to measure where the holes are supposed to go so the two sides of the handle will attach to the drawer, and when you are a centimeter off things don't screw in too well. So then I had to show those bolts who was boss and stripped them clean. Then I pulled out the hammer and beat the crap out of the bolts to force them into place. Overall two handles installed in 90 minutes isn't too bad, and I only needed 3 shots of whiskey to calm myself down to prevent me from throwing a hammer through the wall. Good ratios all around.

Now I just hope that we never, ever, ever plan on taking those handles off, because that won't be pretty. They're on so tight I think they could survive a nuclear attack. And miraculously the drawer survived this onslaught rather well to boot.