Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Speaking of John "Flip-Flopping" Kerry...

... here's his response to Dubya's speech which makes less sense than Pelosi's response, if that's possible.

By Sher Zieve – Providing the Democrat Party’s response to Wednesday’s President Bush speech on Iraq, which was delivered from the US Naval Academy, Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) said that members of the president’s administration “always use the troops when making speeches”. Kerry further said: “The troops don’t belong to the administration”.

Well I don't really see what the problem is here. I didn't know we were arguing about who "owns" the troops; I thought we were talking about Iraq, but OK... whatever.

Kerry advised that the “debate is not about an artificial date for withdrawal” from Iraq. Defending the Democrat position, Sen. Kerry stated that Democrat leaders now believe in the upcoming Iraq elections. He further said that if the Iraq elections are successful, the US should begin to withdraw its troops.

Well actually the debate is about "artificial date for withdrawal" because that along with "Bush has no strategy" are the only to concepts democrats seem to be able to voice as reasons for opposition to the war. And of course they neglect to give any facts and/or ideas of their own in the stead of the president's plans. And all of a sudden the Dems do believe in the Iraqi elections? Wow, there's a change. But what do they believe about them? That they'll be a miserable failure? Or is that just what they secretly hope so that Dubya ends up with some egg on his face? And how is starting to withdraw troops after the December Iraqi elections diferent from the president's plan? Everything the administration has said is that they plan to keep troop levels stable if not increase them a bit for the elections and in 2006 (which if logic serves is after December) start to look to slowly withdrawing troops. I was hoping for something original John not something you plagiarized... again.

Kerry said “I can’t tell you what motivates the president or the administration” and added “withdrawing troops will lead to success”.

No shit you can't tell us what motivates the president. That's why you lost the election because you have no clue that the hippie pacifism that got you into the limelight after Vietnam doens't fly anymore. And how does withdrawing the troops equal success? Oh unless he means success for the terrorists because we decided to run away... then he's absolutely right.