Monday, December 12, 2005

Made it home safe and sound

Flight from Boston were fun... not really.

I don't mind flying, I mind that being 6 foot 5, I don't fit to well in those seats. It's just always so uncomfortable, especially on such long flights compounded by the fact that I took the red eye Friday night. Sleep was almost not an option.

Funny part was I ran into a guy at the airport that I went to grade school and high school with whom I hadn't seen since high school and ended up being on the same flight to Boston. He switched seats so we could chat and catch up on who's doing what. And talking about high school, my alma mater won CIF this weekend!

Go cubs!

I've got some pics of the snow they had (hey, I'm from SoCal, I don't get to see snow that much, so I took pictures). I'll download them today after work and post a couple.