Thursday, December 08, 2005

Parisians are best educated Europeans

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh wait they were serious. Oops.

Dec. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Parisians are the European Union's best-educated citizens and inhabitants of Belgium's Liege are the most likely to be victims of crime, according to an EU report.

Almost 37 percent of residents of the French capital have a university degree, eight times more than in Gozo, Malta, which has the lowest rate of graduates, according to data published by the EU. Police recorded 256 crimes per 1,000 inhabitants in Liege, an industrial city in Belgium's French speaking south, compared with just seven per 1,000 in the Cypriot town of Lefkosia, the EU report said.

Actually what we ought to do is send them all our University professors. Because if they're anything like Ward Churchill, the number of degrees one has is certainly no measure of intelligence.