Thursday, December 08, 2005

Arnold currently hearing Tookie's clemency plea

C'mon Ahh-nold! Just say no to Tookie!

SACRAMENTO -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today began considering whether to grant Stanley Tookie Williams clemency, meeting with lawyers for the convicted murderer and founder of the notorious Crips gang.

The private meeting began about 10 a.m. It is likely Williams' last chance to avoid being executed by lethal injection early Tuesday.

Life and death will hang in the balance during the hour-long meeting. Schwarzenegger is not expected to announce his decision today.

Led by Peter Fleming Jr., Williams' lawyers will get 30 minutes to try to persuade Schwarzenegger to save Williams, who has said he has been redeemed by his work from his prison cell to try to stop gang violence. Opponents, including representatives of the law enforcement community, will also get 30 minutes to argue that Williams deserves his punishment.

UPDATE 1:15PM: Local news radio says Arnold will email his decision sometime between now and Monday at midnight. Thanks for being prompt there Arnold...