Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Swiss may put embryos on their new currency

Yeah, I know. It doesn't make sense to me either.

Dec. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Switzerland, a global financial center, is in an uproar that the central bank may put images of embryos and blood cells on the country's currency.

The designs are "horrible, horrible, horrible," Verena Graf, a retired bank archivist waiting for a white-and-blue tram at Zurich's Paradeplatz financial sector, said on Dec. 2. "I would rather keep the old ones with the people on them."

[...]The bank, which called for submissions for the contest in February, had wanted the new banknotes to reflect the idea of a Switzerland that's "open to the world." Designs showing people were excluded in favor of six themes such as "negotiating and exchanging" or "teaching and researching."

"In theory, the notes should be Swiss, but the problem is that if there aren't people on them, what are we going to put on there -- mountains and cheese?" said Thomas Bruehwiler, a Zurich-based computer programmer.

The winning design was chosen because of its "semantic expressiveness" and the way it links the front and the back of the notes, said Ammann, the art historian.

The design for the new 10-franc note has blood cells on one side and a planet on the other. The 100-franc note carries a grey kidney-shaped embryo against a blue background on the front and a map of the continents on the back. The 1,000 franc note, with a gold bar on one side and a sphere on the other, has a skull for a watermark.

Nothing will make you feel like a baller like peeling off c-francs that have a fetus on them. They'll have to upgrade to the 1000 franc note with the skull on it.