Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This one gets filed under don't piss off New Yorkers

With the much publicized New York TWU strike people in New York all had to take a taxi, walk, bike, rollerblade, or find some other alternate transportation to work since all the subways and buses were stopped due to the strike. The TWU union also set up a blog (via GOP and the City) to help publicize their cause and disseminate information to members. Unfortunately they forgot to turn off the comments so they've got over 1,000 comments on the blog total (747 on todays strike post as of 3:20EST), a lot from some really pissed off commuters.

Very funny.

UPDATE: Looks like all those New Yorkers who gave the TWU blog a piece of their minds hurt da widdle bwogger-wogger's feewings because now they've taken down all the comments on the blog. 1,000 trolls unbelievably pissed at you too much to handle TWU? Questioning the righteousness of your strike because suddenly you think public opinion might not be on your side?