Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Democrats really ought to be ashamed of themselves

They made Alito's wife leave the room crying. WTF?

WASHINGTON -- The wife of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito left his confirmation hearings in tears Wednesday.

Martha-Ann Bomgardner, who had sat behind her husband for hours of questioning over several days, left as her husband was being questioned by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

"Are you really a closet bigot?" Graham asked Alito. The nominee said no, and Graham said, "No sir, you're not."

Graham's questions came after withering questions from several Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats.

I think the AP is trying to imply she was upset by Sen. Graham. She wasn't upset by Sen. Graham's question; Graham was making a point based on the line of questioning of the Democrats. She was actually particularly touched by Graham's apology to Alito for the behavior of his peers.

Mrs. Alito reacted to the apology by Republican Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C. for the contentious nature of questioning during the hearing.

Oh, and just to make sure that everybody knew he was still awake, Teddy Kennedy threw a tantrum about the Princeton documents. Props to Sen. Specter for smacking Kennedy back into his place.

It led to the following exchange:

Specter: "Well, we'll consider that, Sen. Kennedy."

Kennedy: "Well.."

Specter: "There are...there are many, many requests which are coming to me in my quarters. And quite candidly, I review the request -- if it's a really a matter of importance, you and I see each other all the time; you've never mentioned it to me. and I do not ascribe a great deal of weight -- we actually didn't get a letter, but..."

Kennedy: "You did get a letter. Are you saying ... "

Specter: "Well, now, wait a minute. You don't know what I got. I'm about to ..."

Kennedy: "Yes I do, Senator, since I sent it. And I've got it right here."

Specter: "Well, the senator doesn't necessarily know what the recipient gets, Senator Kennedy."

Kennedy: "I've got it right here."

Specter: " are not in a position to say what I receive. If you'll bear with me for just one minute...."

Kennedy: "but I am in a position to say what I sent to you on Dec. 22. So I renew my ..."

Specter: "Well, Senator, you're ... you're in a position to tell me what you've sent."

[Kennedy repeats that he wants a vote on the documents.]

Specter: " .... I take umbrage at your telling me what I receive. I don't mind your telling me what you mailed But there is a big difference between what's mailed and what's recieved, and you know that. We're going to move on now."

Specter raps gavel sharply.

Michelle Malkin suggests Ted get a library card:

You've read by now of Teddy Kennedy's ridiculous call to subpoena the papers of William Rusher, former National Review publisher who helped found the Concerned Alumni of Princeton group. Power Line recaps here. Those papers are available at the Library of Congress and, as NRO's Kathryn Lopez noted, have already been pawed over by the NYTimes. There's. Nothing. There.

Stupid man.