Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We gonna party like it's ma birfday

Yep, that's right. Happy birthday to me! Nothing fancy planned for the day... work, home, dinner out with the fetching Mrs. Wookie (I'm thinking sushi at the moment), then home again.

And being that my birthday is so close to new years and Christmas, I thought I'd do a combo post with my resolutions since they focus mainly on being able to use my Christmas present and birthday present more proficiently.

Curious who else was born on this glorious day?
Michael Stipe
Dyan Cannon
Jane Wyman
Louis Braille
Jakob Grimm (was that Matt Damon or Heath Ledger's character?)
Sir Isaac Newton
Tom Thumb
Cruz Bustamante (CA Lt. gov, aka Mr. Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens)
Don Shula
Floyd Paterson
Maureen Reagan
George Tenet
Dwight Freeney
Emily Deschanel
Kelly Stafford
Briana Banks
Ted Lilly
Deanna Carter
Julia Ormond
Dave Foley
Matt Frewer

And how about what happened on this great day in history?
First appendectomy performed...
Utah became a state...
Supreme Court declared Puerto Ricans were not aliens and could enter the US freely...
Burma gained independence...
Communist forces captured Soeul in Korean War...
Jesse Ventura was sworn in as governor of Minneso-cold...