Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Saddam prefers death by firing squad

Unfortunately just because he's picked how he wants to die doesn't mean he's giving up and pleading guilty. Too bad...

LONDON -- Saddam Hussein has told his lawyers that he wants to be shot by firing squad, not hanged, if sentenced to death during his murder trial, which resumes later this month in Baghdad.

Saddam maintains that he is still commander in chief of Iraq's armed forces -- and that a firing squad is "the right way" to execute a military leader.

"I'm not afraid of death," he told two of his lawyers in an astonishingly candid five-hour meeting, as he sat in a comfortable chair at the head of the table.

"Of course I'm not guilty, but I know they want me dead."

Well, he got that half right. I'd say a goodly percentage of the world wouldn't mind him being dead, but he's guilty as sin. I don't think he should get to pick how he dies though. Sure he's delusional and thinks he's still in charge of his non-existent army, but I think the people should decide how he dies. If they do, hopefully, they pick something painful and slow.