Friday, December 30, 2005

Department of Justice to probe NSA leaks

I know the NYTimes thinks it's their duty to report anything that may smear this administration, but exposing an extremely sensitive, covert operation crosses the line to treason, and whoever leaked the story should be prosecuted.

Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Justice Department has opened a probe into who revealed a secret domestic eavesdropping program authorized by President George W. Bush, an official at the agency said.

The official, who requested anonymity, said the investigation centers on the unauthorized disclosure of classified information to the New York Times, which first reported the spying conducted by the National Security Agency.

The Gray Lady has trumpeted this story as if it was its grave duty to expose top secret national security programs in an effort to smear the administration. And liberals salivated over the news like six year olds who got Christmas a week early. This was going to be their big moment, the chance to bring down the administration once and for all, with what now appears to be legal warantless wiretaps. But they won't let that stop them from shooting off at the mouth, expressing their disgust and outrage at this "abuse" of presidential power.

I really don't get the left on this one. They were infuriated at the leaking of information that blew the not-so-sooper-sekret cover of Valerie Plame, and immediately called for the prosecution of whoever leaked the "top sekret" info to the press. Now they're calling for the head of Bush who approved the national security warantless wiretaps that was leaked to the press. Notice the only similarity for the left in the two scenarios in is that the left wants the head of someone in the administration (preferably Bush). They could care less that national security was breached.

Hopefully the Department of Justice finds and prosecutes the leaker (in both cases) to the fullest extent of the law, as well as the complicitous NYTimes.

UPDATE: Macsmind reminds us of exactly what the person(s) who leaked and the NYT have in store for them (via In from the Cold):

Disclosure of classified information, to wit:

(a) Whoever knowingly and willfully communicates, furnishes, transmits, or otherwise makes available to an unauthorized person, or publishes, or uses in any manner prejudicial to the safety or interest of the United States or for the benefit of any foreign government to the detriment of the United States any classified information—
(1) concerning the nature, preparation, or use of any code, cipher, or cryptographic system of the United States or any foreign government; or
(2) concerning the design, construction, use, maintenance, or repair of any device, apparatus, or appliance used or prepared or planned for use by the United States or any foreign government for cryptographic or communication intelligence purposes; or
(3) concerning the communication intelligence activities of the United States or any foreign government; or
(4) obtained by the processes of communication intelligence from the communications of any foreign government, knowing the same to have been obtained by such processes—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both.

Enjoy prison!