Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend update

I was sick so I didn't do a whole lot besides watch TV, a couple movies, and read.

Apparently, there were a couple football games on... With the Chragers out, I didn't have a horse in the race, so to speak. For the Superbowl, I'm pulling for Seattle since they've never been there before.

In other sports news, Kobe Bryant says "Shaq who?" with an 81 point game. He scored only 26 points in the first half. Of course the team still has a worse record than the Clippers, so we're not expecting too much yet from Smush et al.

And in entertainment, Madonna and Guy Ritchie's marriage is rumored to be at an end...

New York: Rumours are abuzz that all is not well in the kingdom of the 'Queen of pop' Madonna and director hubby Guy Ritchie, and that the two are on the verge of putting an end to their five year old marriage.

An insider revealed that the singer had started concentrating more on her career than her marriage.

“She has been spending very little time with him. She is obsessed with everything related to her career at this point. The album [”Confessions on a Dance Floor”] is a hit, and that is all she seems to care about these days. A split? Not sure. Less time together? Most definitely,” the New York Daily News quoted the source, as saying.

Guess all that Kabala hasn't helped...

Movies: Netflix left me Ocean's 12 and The Great Raid. Ocean's 12 was basically here's 90 minutes of what didn't actually happen, followed by the simplest and dumbest what really happened ever. In short, it was horrible. I sacrificed myself for the good of mankind... If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother.

The Great Raid on the other hand, was absolutely incredible. Very well done. Definitely worth the rental.

And I'm about halfway through Shadow Wars. Fascinating. I'll let you know when I'm done.

So those are my sick rantings from the weekend. I'm a little better and stuck at work. I need another cup of coffee...

UPDATE: Coffee's still brewing, so here's the Miss America results. Miss Oklahoma won. Miss California wasn't even in the top 5. Better luck next year.