Thursday, January 12, 2006

Where's the outrage for Clarence Ray Allen?

Where's Jesse Jackson? Where's Snoop Dog? Winnie Mandela? Jamie Fox? Where's the "Save Clarence" crowd? Where are the thousands of protestors for Clarence Ray Allen? He's supposed to be executed on Tuesday, so if they're looking to get a rally or something going, they'd better get a move on. Don't they care about the plight of the white man? We've got it tough, you know...

Or perhaps all those celebrities and NAACP leaders are racists. I'm obviously not. I wanted them to execute Tookie just as much as I want them to execute Clarence Ray. But due to the lack of concern thus far from Jesse, Snoop, Winnie, Jamie, et al I can only assume they're racists. They must want to see this white man executed.

SACRAMENTO — California's oldest condemned inmate asked a federal judge late Wednesday to block his execution next week, saying it would be cruel and unusual because of his age and health problems.

The last-ditch legal move by attorneys for Clarence Ray Allen follows a decision a day earlier by the California Supreme Court rejecting the same challenge. Allen is to be executed Tuesday.

"Mr. Allen seeks that relief because his execution would inflict cruel and unusual punishment upon him in violation of the Eighth Amendment in light of his advanced age and infirmities following more than 23 years of confinement on death row," Allen's attorney, Somnath Raj Chatterjee, wrote in court papers.

Allen, 75, is legally blind and nearly deaf. He had a heart attack in September and uses a wheelchair.

State prosecutors said they would urge the court to reject Allen's petition.

While serving time for murder at Folsom State Prison in 1980, Allen was sentenced to death for hiring a man to kill three people at a Fresno market. Allen had them killed because he feared their testimony would hurt his appeal chances.

Look at the google results for Stanley Williams vs. Clarence Ray Allen, and tell me they care.

Say hi to Tookie when you see him Clarence.