Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Anti-immigration reform protestors put native country ahead of US citizenship

Old Glory flown upside down and below the Mexican flag by protestersSo why should we give amnesty to them if they would rather fly the Mexican flag instead of Old Glory? (Thanks to Michelle and Publius Rendezvous for the pic)

At this point these protests have lost all meaning because they've devolved into kids just looking for an excuse to ditch school. It's just an oppurtunity to thumb their noses at authority, jump around and shout, and generally wreak havoc on their respective cities. Disturbing the peace isn't a right. It's a crime. And I'm glad to see LA mayor Villarigosa at least paying lip service to that idea. And even if he doesn't act to quell these rioters (and they are very close to taking what could be a legitimate protest and turning it into violence and destruction) I'm sure that Baca and Bratton will. Villarigosa's stance and final actions with regards to these kids dancing in the streets protests, could make or break his legacy.

He got that opportunity Monday afternoon, when he told students he shared their opposition to an immigration bill pending in Congress but wanted them to go back to school; they booed, refused to leave and chanted in defiance. "Hell no, we won't go," they called out, yelling over the mayor's attempts to speak.

Still, Villaraigosa had his moment.

"Somebody's got to be a grown-up," he said Tuesday, reflecting on the turn of events that had placed him on the receiving end of an angry student group even though Villaraigosa himself participated in a historic student walkout in 1968. "As a father, I would want my kids to go back to school."

What purpose does it serve to shut down a freeway? To desecrate the image of the country that you want to join so badly? Hopefully someone will be the grownup for these children (and they are children) acting out in an pointless, juvenile orgy of misplaced idealism.

If they want their ideas respected they should behave in a manner that warrants that respect. If they want citizenship, they should demonstrate their love for this country. By acting this way they only make it more difficult for the majority of the country to sympathize with their cause. Mainstream America won't suuport lawless hooligans engaged in dangerous frivolity.

UPDATE @2:04pm: Thanks to the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for the link to this site dedicated to dispelling the myths spewed by racist groups like La Raza, Mecha, and LULAC: We Hate Gringos. They've got some great stuff on the protests going on in LA.