Monday, March 06, 2006

George Clooney confirms it. He's out of touch.

Well at least he knows it. On the other hand, I'm sure the studio heads would prefer their films actually make a decent profit, but who cares about your product making money for you, your employees, and investors. It's art. You just can't judge art. Unless it sucks. If it sucks all bets are off.

Beyond that, I rather enjoyed the Oscars this year. Jon Stewart was funny, poking fun at everyone, not just Dick Cheney shooting Bjork as she was being fit in her latest swan dress for the big show. He was more than happy to make jokes at liberal Hollywood's expense as well, getting so many Hollywood bigwigs together outside a Democratic fundraiser, Susan Sarandon donating money, Hollywood being out of touch with mainstream America, and even a shot at Scientology (I'm sure Tom Cruise will be jumping up and down on the Daily Show desk here shortly). I liked his movie piracy joke and that these poor actresses can't afford enough clothing to cover their boobs (Scarlet Johansson is the obvious exception of course).

And I think they gave the awards out to the deserving films and actors. Crash was a far better film than Brokeback Mountain. Brokeback was all cinematography and pretty good acting, but the plot really didn't go anywhere, didn't take any turns that weren't totally expected. It was fairly monotone, as far as the plot goes. And I'm not saying any of this because it was a gay cowboy movie or I because I did or didn't agree with any of it's societal commentaries. I didn't agree with Crash and their concept of the prevelance of racism or even what makes someone a racist; Crash was a far more entertaining film, with fantastic acting, plot, editing... the whole package. I didn't feel Brokeback had the whole package. I unfortunately haven't seen the other 3 films nominated for best picture, so I can't comment on them, but I'll try to remember to put up a blurb on them when I see them.

UPDATE @ 2:57pm: Beautiful Atrocities makes a great point about the Hollywood that, according to George Clooney singlehandedly made civil rights and AIDS fashionable. BA asks George, why not Islamofascism?

UPDATE 2 @ 4:19pm: Cox & Forkum chime in as well.