Monday, March 06, 2006

Palestinian Fatah party walks out on Hamas

Maybe this will send the terrorists turned politicians a message, but I doubt it.

The first working session of the new Palestinian parliament has ended in turmoil, with the opposition Fatah party walking out.

The legislature has just come under the control of the Hamas militant movement, following its sweeping election victory in January.

After years of entirely dominating the parliament, the Fatah Party now finds itself in the minority, and its members were incensed by Hamas' approach to a key procedural issue.

You'd hope that perhaps those procedural issues had to do with Israel's right to exist. Alas, no. Prior to Hamas taking control of parliament, Fatah passed a bunch of provisions to strengthen the president's authority, and of course, Hamas' first actions were to try to overturn those measures. The article also mentioned deep, bitter party differences. Right. Hamas wants killing innocent Israelis to be the national passtime, whereas it was more of a hobby for Fatah.