Thursday, March 30, 2006

San Francisco: The smuggiest place on earth

It's true. If you by chance did not happen to catch the latest South Park episode last night, this smug is a direct result of the prevalence of hybrid vehicles in the area. Sure these hybrid cars may reduce smog through cleaner, reduced emissions but the smug produced by the owners of said cars, as they haughtily look down their noses at you as you fly by them on the freeway, is a pollution far worse than said greenhouse gasses.

As hybrid cars replaced all regular cars in South Park, the smug cloud over Colorado gradually combines with the smug cloud from San Francisco. And finally, as the smug cloud resulting from George Clooney's Academy Awards acceptance speech joins in, the result is... the perfect storm.

The perfect storm killed thousands with ten times that left homeless, not to mention the total destruction of San Francisco. Cartman was forced to brave the storm, even though he'd sworn to never set foot in that wretched city of patchuli hippies, to rescue Kyle and his family simply to bring back the dirty Jew so he could continue to mock him.

How bad is the smug in San Francisco? Beautiful Atrocities posts some of the city's priorities through the resolutions the Board of Supervisors wastes their time with. It's truly a wonder that they get anything done at all...