Monday, April 24, 2006

Mary McCarthy: the left's latest darling

It appears leaking is back in style according to the Democrats. A rather quick turn around after slamming the administration only a couple weeks ago for deciding to declassify material to promote the facts about the war in Iraq and the GWOT. But as with fashion, Democratic policy is pointless fickle.

I originally posted the general headline on Friday, but over the weekend the rest of the blogosphere started tearing the story apart. Ace has a great round up of the story and the blogosphere's thorough fisking of the MSM total mischaracterization of the story. There's a ton of good stuff there, but here's a snippet

The Corner notes the WaPo's fawning story on McCarthy makes no mention of McCarthy's contributions to Democrats. Even the NYT managed to note ONE donation. The article claims she's no "firebrand ideologue."

But the numbers tell a different story. A reader at the Corner estimates her yearly income and calculates how much of her salary went to Democratic politicians in 2004. An awful lot, as it turns out. Possibly 8.4% (or more) of her 2004 net income (income after taxes).

If someone's tithing that much to the Holy Liberal Church and still not a "firebrand ideologue," I'd like to know how much of your hard-earned cash you have to give away to politicians before you do become a "firebrand idelogue." 20%?

Just One Minute meanwhile notes the NYT similarly continues having trouble finding the full extent of McCarthy's Democratic donations, despite the fact that every blogger on the planet was able to find them at Open Secrets or the FEC disclusre site within about, oh, three minutes.

The Times scratches its pointy little head wondering what McCarthy's motivation for leaking might have been, while studiously ignoring the following information that everyone not reading the Times knows:

1) She was Berger crony and Clinton appointee.

2) Her career was going gangbusters through the Clinton Adminstration, being appointed, ultimately, to the high post of National Intelligence Officer for Warning.

3) Bush then eased her out of this high position into, it seems, a far less influential and much less powerful berth at what seems to be some sort of CIA-affiliated think-tank, the Center for Security and International Studies, which may be where old CIA horses are put out to stud.

4) She was a committed Kerry partisan, giving, perhaps, a full 8.4% of her 2004 net income (i.e., income after taxes) to Kerry and other Democratic politicians and organizations.

And Hot Air also has video of John Kerry and Juan Williams going to bat for her.

So when does she get arrested and tried for treason?