Friday, April 07, 2006

NBC = National Bullshit Creators

I'm certainly not the first to post on the story National Bullshit Creators' Dateline was trying to create. Not being a big fan of NASCAR, I didn't pay much attention to it to be honest, but Michelle Malkin posted this from about the security at speedways and NASCAR fans in general.

Mike Smith, director of public relations for Martinsville Speedway, said that the Dateline crew's presence wasn't as stealth as it possibly hoped.

"Our security knew almost immediately that [the Dateline crew] were on site and they were monitored the whole time they were here, for obvious reasons -- their protections, fans protection -- and they were not disturbed," Smith said. "It says a lot about our fans.

"If there is an upside, it shows that the image so many people have of NASCAR fans is a false one, and it shows that not only at Martinsville Speedway, but at NASCAR tracks in general, it shows what type of security we have in place that can discover something like this, observe it and make sure nothing happens.

I think that about sums up the situation. The National Bullshit Creators at Dateline tried to frame NASCAR and their fans as racist rednecks and it appears to have totally backfired, actually painting the "journalists" at National Bullshit Creators' Dateline as the judgemental racists making unjustified assumptions about NASCAR fans.

And that the security was good enough to notice the undercover camera crew with the "Muslims," speaks volumes of how seriously NASCAR takes the safety of their fans, the drivers, and the pit crews. I don't think most sports venues would have noticed the crew. In fact why not do it at a NBA game? NFL? Baseball? Hockey? I think hockey would have been a great place to try this little experiment. If they're trying to find a sport whose athletes and fans are predominately white, this would be it. So why not? Is it because hockey is popular in the New England area? Popular among elitist the National Bullshit Creators at Dateline and their friends?

We couldn't have that now could we...