Monday, May 01, 2006

Iran calls our bid for sanctions a bluff

... insisting that any sanctions would result in higher oil prices.

TEHRAN (AFP) — The Iranian deputy oil minister said Sunday he did not believe the United Nations would impose sanctions on Iran because that would boost oil prices even higher.

"Any action like that will increase oil prices very high. And I believe that the U.N. or its bodies will not put any sanctions on oil or the oil industry," M.H. Nejad Hosseinian told reporters after talks in Islamabad with Pakistani officials over a proposed pipeline to transport Iranian gas to Pakistan and India.

Know what will really screw up oil prices? Iran with nuclear weapons threatening to wipe Israel off the map, giving that technology to their buddies like the Syrians, and generally, just being the deluded lunatics that they are.

That will do wonders for oil prices...