Thursday, April 27, 2006

Freedom Tower work breaks ground

Thanks to Chad for the tip. I like the design they finally settled on...

MSNBC - For the next month, the crews will be laying the site's foundation.

"It is going to be a symbol of our freedom and independence," Pataki said at a news conference on the ramp.

At 1,776 feet tall, the tower will be the tallest structure in New York, casting a beam of light from its peak.

Under the agreement, five towers will rise from the 16-acre site by 2012, joining a memorial and transit hub scheduled to open in 2009, and a performing arts center.

Addressing concerns that the Freedom Tower would be a potential terrorist target because of its height, Pataki added: "We are not going to just build low in the face of a war against terror."

Silverstein added: "This is an opportunity for us to show our determination, our resiliency, our resolve."

A shining light on a hill... Symbolic indeed.

I made it to New York to see Ground Zero, and I look forward to the chance to go to see the finished Freedom Tower.