Friday, May 12, 2006

Pakistan advises Iran on how to prevent attacks on their nuclear facilities

Well that's just fabulous... why don't you just give them nukes while your at it

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan's former army chief says Iranian officials came to him for advice on heading off an attack on their nuclear facilities, and he in effect advised them to take a hostage — Israel.

Retired Gen. Mirza Aslam Beg said he suggested their government "make it clear that if anything happens to Iran, if anyone attacks it — it doesn't matter who it is or how it is attacked — that Iran's answer will be to hit Israel; the only target will be Israel."

You want to know why our diplomatic talks haven't yielded any results? Because the Iranians and their wackjob of a leader don't understand a language other than violence. You can't have civil discussions with people who are going to lie right to your face and not care because they feel discussions of the kind are a sign of weakness. It's like going on a hunger strike to protest a murderous regime like Saddam or Stalin. They'll just kill that protestor. They don't care. Ghandi's peaceful protests worked because Britain was (and is) a civilized nation. They don't go around killing people willy nilly. It's a similar situation with the Iranians, Ahmadinejad, and the mullahs. You can't reason with that type of person, and their fundamentalist views only exacerbate the problem because they focus more on the afterlife (paradise and Allah's rewards) than they do their mortal lives.

As time goes on and Iran continues to stonewall the process, they are eliminating our counter options. Like I said earlier, this is going to end up like North Korea. "We aren't building nukes. We aren't building nukes. We aren't building nukes. Oops. I lied. We've got nukes."

Then we're up shit creek.