Friday, May 19, 2006

UC President Robert Dynes keeps his job after pay and perks scandal exposed

Some California voters might want to read this before falling into the trap the election commercials are setting for them. You get those weepy teachers saying vote for this Democrat because he'll fully fund education; vote for this Democrat because he'll roll back fee increases at the universities; vote for this Democrat because he's for smaller class sizes. Bullshit. Vote for Arnold and hope he guts the UC Regents.

SAN FRANCISCO — University of California President Robert Dynes won support Thursday from his bosses, essentially assuring that he will keep his job despite calls for his resignation over a pay-perk controversy.

[...] Media reports and a series of audits said officials consistently violated or ignored policies in order to secure better deals for highly paid administrators and handed out millions of dollars in perks, bonuses and allowances even as student fees went up and services were cut.

Parsky said the discussions with Dynes — held in both open and closed sessions of the regents' meeting at UC San Francisco — left regents persuaded that Dynes understands the depth of the problem and is committed to fixing it.

As a graduate of the UC system (UC San Diego), this is disgusting. Liberals get all pissed about Big Business and CEO profits, so we're coining a new phrase here: Big Education (unless it's been used elsewhere, which is likely. It's too good a phrase to pass up). UC San Diego's Chancellor gets a killer mansion on the cliffs right there in La Jolla. What else are they referring to when they say pay and perks?

Initiated by press reports, the controversy centers on extra compensation given to top university officials in excess of UC policy, without the regents or IRS being informed, and without regents approving it. The reports outline blatant misuse of public funds through the presidents office, the apparent acquiescence of the president and his failure to stop such transgressions.

A state audit found that the presidents office granted $334 million in additional compensation last year for housing, car allowances, stipends, sabbatical leaves and other extras that did not square with university policy. Exceptions were so common that it cultivated a culture of noncompliance, the audit said.

$334 million. Wow.

If this was a product that people were paying for at the pump, at the pharmacy, or in the stores there'd be outrage over this. But no. This is money taken out of every paycheck of every (legal) working Californian, squandered by bureaucratic fat-cats like Dynes, and the liberal teachers' union, who's in bed with the Regents, blame the incumbent, Republican governor for fee hikes and program cuts. What's worse is the fee hikes are far more costly to the hardworking parents of high school graduates who want to give their kids a chance at a better life who pay those fee hikes off over decades thanks to the $30,000-50,000 in loans they had to take out for their child. You know the type... the ones the liberals so desperately want to help. Or worse than that, the student who puts themself through school and is then saddled with that debt as soon as they enter the working world. And don't even talk about graduate school.

But that's Big Education for you. Steamrolling diversity of thought and opinion and blaming everybody but themselves.

UPDATE @ 4:27pm: For other examples of Big Education screwing with our educations see more Cake or Death, Cox & Forkum, Army Lawyer, Blackfive, Hot Air, and more Hot Air.