Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson resigns

There's apparently no controversy or shake up or political disagreements behind the move. But I love how the Guardian tries to make some up...

The Bush administration is facing a future without one of its most influential backstage figures today after Michael Gerson, the evangelical Christian who coined the phrase "axis of evil" and wrote most of the president's scripted words, announced his resignation.

Mr Gerson was originally brought on board as a speechwriter, to craft memorable phrases for a president prone to verbal gaffes. But his sway with Mr Bush soon exceeded his job title, and he is widely seen as having been one of the key architects of the administration's "freedom agenda", providing a religious underpinning for the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

The first two paragraphs and they've got to thrown in that's he's an Evangelical Christian and Bush is prone to verbal gaffes. What's the point of having either of those facts in the first two paragraphs? None.

Good luck Michael and thanks for some memorable quotes...