Friday, June 02, 2006

The Captain fisks the DHS funding cuts and comes to some interesting conclusions

As I noted on the Headlines side bar this past Wednesday, cuts to security funding are great talking points for the opposition in an election year. But Captain's Quarters proves that if you really look at the numbers and analyze them a bit, it's eaier to explain than it sounds...

For his first post, Captain discusses that while New york and DC have complained the loudest, eight other cities saw bigger cuts than they did, percentage-wise: Phoenix, Denver, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, San Diego, Dallas, & Columbus. 15 of 44 urban areas got the same or increased funding with the biggest increases in percentage going to Newark, Louisville, Charlotte, Omaha, & Atlanta. Actual large dollar increases went to Newark, LA, and Chicago. In the top ten funding decreases by state, 6 are red states, 3 are blue states, and 1 is Puerto Rico. 3 of those have "important" Senate races this year.

In a second post, we get some explanation as to why NYC got some funding cut.

Chertoff responded by saying that threats and intimidation would not make him change his mind. He also pointed out that NYC, DC, and LA have received the lion's share of DHS grant money for four years, allowing them to progress quite far in their preparedness. Chertoff argued that other cities need to catch up, and that at some point the federal government has to start considering potential secondary targets as well

As always it's good stuff from the Captain. Check it out.