Monday, August 21, 2006

Adventures of a first-time father to be... part 4

Be vewy, vewy quiet... I'm hunting fow highchaiwes at babies-awe-us...

That place is friggin' enormous!

The fetching Mrs. Wookie and I went a-registering yesterday and let me just say, thank God our friend Kristin came with to explain what all this stuff was and whether or not we would need it.

Long gone are the days of a just getting a crib and a highchair and being good to go. You need car seats (one for each car), strollers (super duty off road version and light travel version), pack'n'plays (one for parents and others for grandparents), changing table, bath tub, video baby monitor, cradle swings, cradle bouncers, changing pads, sleep sacks, breat pump, a snugli (baby backpack), sling rider (another baby backpack), diaper pail, diaper bag, auto mirror, and a plethora of other stuff that I have no idea what it even does.

And you'd think a "diaper pail" would be simple. Not a chance... Some of the one's we saw probably were first used as toxic biological waste dumps with air sealed spaces in the top that hermetically seal the diaper before placing it in the waste recipticle. And the plastic liners for the diaper pail/toxic waste bin are especially made to withstand materials as corrosive hydrochloric acid. At least you'd think they ought to be at $10 apiece for the liners alone. I think it's easier to dispose of used needles...

Does a stroller have four wheels, a seat for the baby, and a compartment for stuff? Nope... It's got eight off-road sized wheels, cup holders, glove box, enough space to seat 2 babies, a place to attach the car seat to it, hand brakes, sun shade, window, and collapses with the push of a button to something half the size of a folding chair. If it brewed espresso, life would be complete... Oh and I keep referring to cup holders as bottle holders; bottle of milk for baby and a bottle of beer for daddy.

Baby monitors don't have to just listen to the sounds from the baby's room anymore. It's got night vision on it, and I think infrared heat signal monitors are coming just around the corner.

I think we were there for 3 hours. Thank God we weren't buying, just scanning for our registery for the upcoming baby showers. I don't think I could afford this kid if I had to just go buy all this stuff...

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