Thursday, August 17, 2006

Woman who caused yesterdays transatlantic flight to be diverted is a "peace activist"

It also sounds like she's completely friggin' nuts too. I put this little blurb up on the "Headlines" sidebar to the left yesterday:

The United Airlines flight landed in Boston after a 60 year old woman on board caused a ruckus when she became extremely claustrophobic. Authorities know this was not a terrorists threat, but nevertheless, they are searching her luggage and the plane was escorted to Boston by fighter jets. This must have been some confrontation on board with a 60 year old woman to get this kind of response.
Apparently "ruckus" and "claustrophobic" don't even begin to describe it.

Catherine Mayo was restrained on board United Airlines flight 923, diverted from Washington DC to Boston.

Her lawyer said Ms Mayo, 59, described by her son as a peace activist, had "serious mental health problems".

Usually I'd say peace activist alone is enough to be certifiable, but she took it to a whole new level.

[...] The FBI said that Ms Mayo took several banned items onto the plane.

According to FBI spokesman Gail Marcinkiewicz, Ms Mayo carried hand lotion, a screwdriver, matches and cigarette lighters on board.

Screwdriver, lighters, matches... that's a good way to get noticed. If that's not enough you could always do this...

[...] The flight crew on board United 923 noticed Ms Mayo behaving oddly, pushing against a bulkhead door, according to an affidavit lodged with the court by an FBI special agent.

After being asked to return to her seat, the affidavit said, Ms Mayo asked to speak to an air marshal and said she knew people wanted to see what was in her bag.

Her continued erratic behaviour and constant state of movement, combined with regular references to her time spent in Pakistan and people she knew in that country's mountainous regions, led the flight crew to believe she posed a serious security risk, the affidavit said.

During a conversation with the plane's captain, she apparently made reference to "six steps to building some unspecified thing".

Later on, when trying to use a toilet, Ms Mayo allegedly pulled down her pants and urinated on the floor.

Totally acceptable behavior back at the hippie treehugger commune, but not appreciated so much on an airplane.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I can't resist...

She must have been really pissed.