Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fantasy Football: Week 3 preview

GOP and College has taken it upon himself to give us a preview of the fantasy action this coming weekend...

Gridiron Wookies vs. Gumbo
Wookies are being shown to get 13 points from Ronnie Brown in Nashville this weekend, and the way the Titans have been playing that's very likely to happen. Gumbo though has 2 guys with a bye week this time, and if htat doesn't get changed, this is gonig to be a no contest match. The only hick-up I can see for Wookies is Minnesota's Defence playing against the Bears. The Bears have only allowed 7 points in 2 games, while averaging 30 per game for themselves. Look for Wookies to take this one pretty easily, 65-55.

I appreciate GOP's confidence but, I'm not totally convinced... As much as I don't like Bledsoe or Dallas' defense, they've performed well, but have a bye this weekend. That means Leftwich gets the start at QB vs Indy and Minnesota has to try to reign in the Chicago offense. Neither of the prospects really appeal to me.

On the plus side, Steve Smith looks to be back in action this weekend, so hopefully extra points out of my wideouts can offset my lack of confidence in my QB and defense.