Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fantasy Football - Week 6 Recap

Wyatt Earp and the boys hosted the recap of last week's fantasy football action, and yours truly bounced back from a gutwrenching week 5 loss to reclaim victory and keep myself in the top half of the league standings.

* Gridiron Wookies - 76, The Ball Sackers - 51

How do you remain undefeated when five of your players have zeros for the week? Cheat. Or lose. In my case, we lost. The only thing my team sacked was a bag of potato chips while the Wookies tapdanced on my team's proverbial face.

MVP - Steve Smith (GW). Welcome back, Mr. Smith! It's been a long time.

Bantha Fodder - Mushim Muhammad (TBS) - Guess he wasn't facing east this week.

The team's done reasonably well so far. Bledsoe hasn't been a total waste of space and he stands motionless in the pocket waiting for some linebacker to level him. My running backs haven't been doing a whole heck of alot, but at least they're consistently not doing a whole heck of a lot. My wideouts have been saving my ass time and time again.

But the dilemma as we prep for this weekend is who to start at QB... Leftwich or Bledsoe? Their stats are pretty even, but Leftwich has yielded more points thus far, because he's been sacked less and thrown fewer interceptions. Coming off the bye week, Jacksonville could be in tip top shape. They finally had an offensive explosion two weeks back and Leftwich did well. And they're playing Houston this weekend. Bledsoe on the other hand got lucky and just threw balls near TO hoping he could catch them for TDs. This week he's up against the Giants... not the best defense, but Bledsoe couldn't outrun a slug, so does it really matter?

So any thoughts? Who gets the start?

Oh, and why can't John Kerry catch?