Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Fantasy Football: Week 11

Wookies win again! Sorry bRight, neither of us did particlarly well. I just got lucky...

GOP and the City has the recap...

Gridiron Wookies - 59
bRight & Early - 47

GW got a poor performance from Romo, but Jamal Lewis got some insane points (22) to win his 7th game against only four losses.
MVP - Jamal Lewis RB - 22 Points (3 TDs)
Goat - Tony Romo QB - -2 Points (1 Sack, 1 Fumble, 1 INT)

That win puts me in 4th place with a 7-4 record. Things are looking good as far as making the playoffs are concerned. The only downside there is that I'd have to play the 5th ranked team, which is Robots Eat Babies. Sure I beat Robots last week, but he's got Peyton Manning. I'd rather not have to play against the team that has Peyton again, if I can avoid it.

Fortunately, the last 3 regular season games have me playing 3 teams under .500. Usually I'd be happy about that, but... wait... I am happy about that.

So tune in next week! I'll be your host for the full recap!