Friday, March 30, 2007

Newsflash! Rosie O'Donnell is an idiot

I know, I know... You're saying "Tell me something I didn't already know..."

But if you still need covincing check out this clip from The View where she says 9/11 was a fake, she believes the Iranians are the victims, we should impeach the president, and that there is basically no good and evil.

You know... standard stuff...

So the Brits and Americans staged this British hostage situation to instigate a war... Nevermind that the Brits have come out and given the exact coordinates where their boat was. It took Iran two tries to make up coordinates that were in Iranian waters; funny how the first set they publicized were actually in international waters. The second set was two miles away, and, you guessed it, in Iranian waters.

Despite that lie, despite their lies that they'd release the lone female marine held hostage, despite their refusal to allow UN and IAEA inspectors verify their "peaceful" nuclear program, despite the fact that they've taken hostages before, despite their involvement in supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons that are killing Americans, despite their desire to destroy Israel, one of our greatest allies, Rosie still trusts them more than she does our own government. Well if Rosie trusts them, heck... that's good enough for me... Still, heaven forbid that we actually apply a universal set of standards to Iran's behavior and label them as "bad" or "evil". Those poor Middle East countries just can't get a fair shake from the right wing media machine...

Then Rosie goes all Loose Change on us and all but says that 9/11 was orchestrated by our own government. Starts saying that we should get a couple Harvard physicists who'll say that Tower 7 was brought down by demolition. Hey Rosie: Screw Loose change. How about that Popular Mechanics article debunking the conspiracies propogated by you leftwing moonbat lunatics. You want one or two Harvard elites who'll play to your fantasy. Popular Mechanics consulted more than 70 experts from across the country. But I'm sure that's easy to ignore since it doesn't jive with your warped view.

You want to get pissed, get pissed at the terrorists who killed nearly 2,000 Americans without provocation on 9/11. That's right, no provocation. We weren't in Iraq or Afghanistan. Wackypants Ahmadinejad wasn't even in power yet. So don't blame Bush for doing his best to bring justice to the terrorists and the countries that support and harbor those terrorists.

So what's next Rosie? Global warming is a reality?

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