Monday, August 27, 2007

Alberto Gonzales resigns

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to make of that when I read about it this morning. There was certainly no reason for the Senate hearings he'd been neck deep in for the past couple months, but I've no clue about the DoJ and it's inner workings, so I thought I defer to someone better versed in arena: Capatin's Quarters.

In any case, it's far past time for Gonzales to go. No one did anything illegal in terminating the federal prosecutors, but Gonzales and his team made it into a royal botch-up anyway. Gonzales really should have resigned after telling people publicly that the attorneys had performance issues when their reviews showed that they had performed well. That set off a series of statements that Gonzales had to retract or clarify, including some in Senate testimony that made him appear as though he hardly had anything to do with running the Department of Justice.

It's been an ongoing embarrassment -- and not just for the White House, which refused to acknowledge the reality of Gonzales' incompetent handling of the DoJ. The Senate has spent months trying to nail Gonzales on some sort of crime when none occurred. The SJC, and to a lesser extent their House Judiciary colleagues, have wasted months trying to deliver Gonzmas to the nutroots crowd, and the only thing they can find is mediocrity with frequent bouts of incompetence. Had they left it at that point, they would have won the war, but instead the Democrats overpromised and underdelivered and now look like fools.

At least on that note, Gonzales made the partisan differences fade into the background. He made everyone look like fools in equal proportion.

And the Captain's not alone here. Dean Barnett also thinks Gonzales' resignation was long overdue.

Hugh hadn't really opined on the issue other than to say it's a good chance for the administration to appoint a charismatic, young, anti-terror guru to the post.

So, adios Alberto. I think you got a bit of a bum deal, but hey, that's life.