Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Obama would remove US-Cuban restrictions

He must be having a tough time finding good Cuban cigars anymore...

WaPo - "The primary means we have of encouraging positive change in Cuba today is to help the Cuban people become less dependent on the Castro regime in fundamental ways," the Illinois senator wrote in an op-ed piece published in Tuesday's Miami Herald.

Clinton, the New York senator and Democratic front-runner, issued a statement reiterating her support for the current policy toward Cuba, adding, "Until it is clear what type of policies might come with a new government, we cannot talk about changes in the U.S. policies toward Cuba."

She has recently sought to portray Obama as naive on foreign policy.

[...] "We're in a very critical moment where many of us are hoping that we will see a transition as opposed to a transfer of power. Frankly I think his comments are ill-timed," said Florida Sen. Mel Martinez, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "It shows that he either didn't think it through very well or simply hasn't had enough experience on these tough foreign policy problems."

Gee... ya think?

Obama's statement makes absolutely zero sense and Mel Martinez is right on point. Castro is old and dying, so why empower a crumbling regime by caving in now after 45 years of an economic embargo? As Fidel slowly rides off into the sunset, that's where we'll see our opportunity to promote change in Cuba, free an oppressed people, and create a valuable trading partner.

Maybe think a bit next time before you flaunt your brave new policies.

Or at least let Hillary proofread them for you...

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