Thursday, August 23, 2007

Michael Yon: The Ghosts of Anbar

Michael's back with Marine's in Fallujah. Check out his first dispatch...

Reframed thus from a position of strength, this stage of the Anbar-war is more a sort of business transaction, where alliances beneficial to all sides—except Al Qaeda—are formed. From this perspective, there is now a moment of genuine ground-floor opportunity in Anbar, if the people here can see that by doing business with the Coalition, everyone benefits—except Al Qaeda—an exclusion that most can live with.

From a distance, this seems both obvious and uncontroversial. But on that ground floor things are less pristine, because some of our new business partners were only recently actively trying to kill our soldiers and Marines. Some may even have danced beneath Blackwater Bridge.

Reading Yon's dispatches is like reading a best seller...

Read the rest of the part 1 and keep an for the next 3.

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