Friday, August 17, 2007

Get your helmet dusted off and those pads strapped on... Fantasy Football is back!

And who else would be hosting fantasy football but Hot Wing Conspiracy!

First though a baseball update. This season's been much more challenging than my championship year last year; certainly not the runaway success that last year was. But I've beeen plugging away and have worked my way up in the rankings from 10th to 5th. I'm riding a 4 game win streak and am 5-0-1 over the last 6 weeks. Last week I beat Leones, the #2 team in the league and so far this week, I'm up on #1, Max Poo. I just need my starting pitching to pick it up a notch, and I could really start kicking butt. I'll try to put up this week's results early next week.

Now to the pigskin!

Last year my wookies placed 3rd, not too shabby, but I'm going for it all this year with Wookies Will Win. Here's how the draft went down for this year's wookies:

1. (5) Joseph Addai RB
2. (20) Willis McGahee RB
3. (29) Vince Young QB
4. (44) Jamal Lewis RB
5. (53) Darrell Jackson WR
6. (68) Terry Glenn WR
7. (77) Kellen Winslow TE
8. (92) New England DEF
9. (101) Robbie Gould K
10. (116) Jerry Porter WR
11. (125) Jay Cutler QB
12. (140) Greg Olsen TE
13. (149) San Francisco DEF
14. (164) Stephen Gostkowski K
15. (173) Brian Leonard RB

I'm pretty happy with that... My draft strategy was get runningbacks, runngingbacks, and more runningbacks. The one thing I'm running short on here is wideouts. I'm going to need to pick another receiver up and probably drop either Leonard or the SF Defense.

The league favorite has to be bRight, who got LT, but I think Tokyo and The Jerk will also be pretty strong contenders.

Keep an eye on the Hot Wing Conspiracy page for full updates! I'm sure it will get updated soon here as well!

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