Friday, October 22, 2004

Bush beat Kerry to the punch

Bush signed important legislation today, but you're all so smart I'm sure you knew that already. But this is too good to pass up (via Say Anything):

With just 11 days to go until the presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate Kerry has no economic plan left. The Kerry plan for 10 million jobs relied on cutting the corporate tax rate for domestic manufacturers by 5 percent and allowing companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 10 percent tax rate. The legislation signed by President Bush today cuts the corporate tax rate by 9 percent and allows companies to repatriate their foreign profits back into America at a 5.25 percent rate. So not only has this legislation removed the Kerry team from having an economic plan, the legislation signed by Bush is superior in economic growth.
"The only two provisions left in the Kerry economic plan are raising taxes on America's small businesses and a 1970's era job tax credit that did not work then and definitely will not work now," continued Norquist. "I find it quite ironic after all of Kerry's complaining about jobs and his "plan" for these jobs, he has absolutely no plan 11 days before election other than to damage the American economy."

All that's left in Kerry's arsenal is raising taxes. I'm sure that will go over well. Somehow all of this leaves me with the image of Wile E. Coyote suspended in mid-air after having run of the cliff with a little sign that says "Uh-oh" right before he plummets to his doom.