Thursday, October 21, 2004

Iraq's links to terrorists

I thought Kerry said that Saddam's regime didn't have any links to terrorism or al-Qaeda? Maybe he missed 75% of the Senate Intelligence Committee meetings (oh- that's right he did) because this link has the goods: photos and actual documents included (via LGF).

The link shows the money, how it got there (with copies of actual checks), the multitude of terrorist organizations that were given funding, how many Americans they have killed, names, dates and times of terrorists harbored, housed, and given medical attention in Iraq, satellite photos of terrorist training camps, the type of terrorist training the camps taught, and (the big whammy) links to al-Qaeda. And he even footnoted the whole thing.

I can hear all the Kerry kool-aid drinkers out there groaning. It's so much nicer when you don't have to deal with actual facts. Or you could be like Dan Rather and just make them up.