Monday, October 25, 2004

Chrenkoff on Iraq

As always, Chrenkoff continues his excellent work updating us on the progress beind made in Iraq behind the headlines. This is from the latest (Part 13) in his series:

Right now there are 28 water treatment plants under construction, and five have been completed. I'll just go through a quick list and then open to your questions. There are 13 sewer projects under construction; one's been completed. There are 72 health care facilities under construction, and 73 more have been completed. There are 3,100 schools that have been rehabilitated. There are five public buildings under construction; one's completed. There are 39,000 police trained and equipped across this country. There are 14,000 Border Police trained and equipped. There are three regular army battalions trained and equipped; eight National Guard battalions trained and equipped; 62 border forts under construction; nine fire stations under construction; 37 electricity distribution substations under construction or under rehabilitation; nine military bases under construction.

And that's just reconstruction. He covers education, agriculture, insurance, economy, trade, and much more. It's a definite must read.