Friday, October 22, 2004

Kerry & DNC linked to terrorist funding

If this is true (see my previous post here), then Kerry is a dead man walking in this election. It's just a matter of the information getting out to the public. I had linked to House of Wheels' main article before (thanks to Pajama Journal and Non PC Latte Land), but he puts in the time and research into linking the KLA to al-Qaeda (who via my previous post here and this link were shown to be directly connected to Saddam in Iraq, and therefore a threat to the world).

This is exactly why the war in Iraq (and general war on terror) is important. Afghanistan was an al-Qaeda's home base for training, an easy target, and the oppurtunity to give the Afghani people freedom from oppressive Taliban rule. But terrorism is a vast web of connections, that link every terrorist organization to every country and to the corrupt leaders of those countries(terrorist groups are not isolated clans or warring states at odds with each other, yet they are not allies either; they share common goals: Islamic dominance worldwide, destroy Western ideals, kill Jews).

And as far as corrupt leadership, it doesn't get much more corrupt than Saddam (please see the oil for food UN sponsored fiasco, not to mention hundreds of thousands of his own people killed and piled in mass graves). Iraq becomes the logical next choice due to: the threat of developing WMDs and selling them to terrorists (Duelfer report says Saddam planned to restart weapons programs as soon as sanctions were lifted), a people eager to be free from his oppressive rule, and an army we could easily overcome so we could establish a second foothold for democracy in the Muslim world (I also would toss in my flypaper theory from my post here).

Afghanistan and Iraq then become democratic bases of operation to deal in hopefully diplomatic terms with Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, be an example to their neighbors, but still leave us and our newly democratic, Islamic allies the ability to strike militarily if necessary.

I hope I didn't leave anything out. (hat tip to Chrenkoff for the link & for keeping us up to date with some of the positive things going on in Iraq that the MSM seems to overlook)

UPDATE: Captain's Quarters has picked up the thread. Hopefully this story gets some serious discussion time around the country. The Captain makes the correct point that it is highly doubtful Kerry is or was ever pursuing funding from terrorists, but it is the image that terrorists might prefer his election as President to that of Dubya. That's what will sink Kerry's ship (or cook his goose, if you prefer the fowl metaphor). Again the basic question of this election comes to figure out who the terrorists want to win and vote for the other guy.