Monday, October 18, 2004

Health Care

Health Care has been an important talking point during this campaign. But how many Americans have even the slightest clue how the health care system works? Most probably couldn't tell you what their deductable is. SCSU Scholars has a great link to a sheet that the professors use to explain the Health Care system to their undergraduate economics students using an automotive analogy. Money quote:

In the last debate last week, at least President Bush acknowledged through his advocacy of Health Savings Accounts that he understands how deleterious market imperfections caused by too much insurance of the wrong kind can be. By contrast, Senator Kerry appeared absolutely clueless about the underlying causes of our mounting health care financing crisis, vapidly reiterating his “plan” to provide all Americans with the same kind of coverage provided members of Congress.

Kerry may consistently appear and sound better in the debates, but when you actually analyze the content of his answers, it really amounts to "blah, blah, blah." And according to the great philosopher Eddie Izzard, what we actually understand is 70% appearance, 20% sound, and only 10% content.

The blogosphere is here to combat that 90%.