Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Updates from Iraq

My parents' neighbor is a marine in Iraq and we get occassional updates from him (or his father) on the situation there. His latest letter was short, but he briefly described what he's seen in Fallujah:

did you hear about the ruckus going down in fallujia? well, for the first time i was able to witness an AC-130 spectre gunship in action. it was quite a sight, nothing i have ever seen compares to that piece of machinery. and they were shooting the whole arsenal too.

As a spotter for naval gunships and bombing runs, he's on the front line in these attacks, and it sounds like they're seriously pounding Fallujah. Remember the media follows "if it bleeds, it leads" motto (not to mention their inherent liberal bias), so don't expect to get the full stroy from them. Our troops on the ground in Iraq are defeating the terrorists everyday.

God bless our troops!