Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Democrats pander to crack addicts to get votes

If this wasn't so funny, it would be kinda sad. And Republicans should be getting pissed off about this kind of voter fraud (via Slings and Arrows):

Noting that the potentially new voters had listed addresses in Defiance County, Cuyahoga County elections officials sent the forms to Defiance County, where they arrived the afternoon of Oct. 8.
"We could tell by the handwriting that many of them were written by the same person," she said. "And of course we know the streets. Defiance being a small town, many of [the forms] had streets not even in Defiance."
And so elections workers immediately began sending out letters, addressed to the people listed at those addresses, as a precaution to ensure that a Mary Poppins, a Jeffrey Dahmer, or a Janet Jackson didn't, in fact, live in Defiance County, she said.
Letters also went out to George Foreman, Brett Favre, Michael Jordan, and Dick Tracy, among others in the bundle to see if the post office would return them as undeliverable.

The Democrat's puppet minority group, the NAACP, while holding a voter registration drive, hire a crack addict, pay him with crack, and he registers Brett Favre, Janet Jackson, and Michael Jordan (he got creative with Mary, Poppins, Dick Tracy, and Jeffrey Dahmer). Either this guy is the voter register-er ever or... well, he's on crack

Two thoughts on this:
  1. The DNC ought to be bound and gagged for the rest of the campaign season. This is exactly the kind of thing they are known for; in fact they've already got lawyers in the battleground states ready to file lawsuits should they lose there. Republicans! Volunteer at the voting booths to help combat this kind of disgraceful behavior!
  2. The Thinklings - "If you pay a guy with crack, you're going to get work that looks like . . . well, like it was done by a guy on crack." Well put.