Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Geneva Conventions violations

A lot is being made of the marine who shot the injured terrorist as a possible war criminal because shooting the wounded man violated the Geneva Convention rules of war. Well since we're nitpicking this poor marine for shooting the enemy lets take a look at the terrorists and see if they're violating this at all. Just to be fair. Because we all know how the left wants everything to be fair (unless perhaps it's unfair against the US; they seem to be OK with that).
These slides just cover Fallujah, check out the actual pictures (via Citizen Smash and John Donovan)

To sum up the findings the terrorists used mosques as refuge and to wage war from, Used mosques to store weapons and take hostages, stored weapons in hospitals and schools, found three human slaughterhouses/torture chambers where beheading videos took place, used cemeteries as fighting positions, improvised explosive devices for car bombs and factories to make such devices, and videos of torture and random terrorist attacks. They booby trap dead bodies and the injured, attack while waving a white flag, and use women and children as shields and weapons. All that sounds great! They're the Geneva Convention model! If only the US follow the lead of the terrorists then the world and the UN and the French would like us and their would be world peace, if only we acted as nobly as the terrorists! Doesn't that sound like a beautiful world? (insert retching sound effect here)

And remember, go sign the petition for that marine! Don't let the French have their way with him!