Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's coalition would only be bribed, not coerced

In yet another stunning case of hypocrisy (I really don't know why anyone's even surprised anymore), Kerry confides to a Polish newspaper (via Chrenkoff) how he would get our allies to increase their participation in the war in Iraq: bribe them.

Kerry: "America must give its allies a stake in stabilizing Iraq. The best way to achieve that is through binding their interests with the peaceful future of that country. On the economic front this will mean granting true and tried friends - like Poland - a share in the multi-billion dollar reconstruction contracts, in a share proportional to Poland's contribution to the Coalition. I assure you that just as Poland was treated as an equal with other members of the Coalition, so she will be an equal partner in the task of rebuilding Iraq.... Visa requirements for Poles in their current form are out of date. They don't reflect either the strategic relationship between Poland and the US, nor the traditional close ties between our two countries. If we'll continue cooperating with each other, we'll achieve that common goal [of changing visa requirements]."

Maybe it was the "coerced" part that killed the deal for Kerry, because bribing sure as hell looks like it's ok. Again I think this is another case of Bush being damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Political oppurtunists like Kerry will take whatever position necessary to benefit themselves. He has no principles to speak of which explains both his flip-flops and his vague positions on just about everything.