Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Missing weapons were already missing

If I were the president, I'd be thinking what else can they accuse me of that I had nothing to do with. I mean for crying out loud, the stinking weapons were missing when the troops got there, and now liberals (NYTimes, CBS, Kerry, etc...) are all crying about it like it was Bush's fault.

Kerry: This is "one of the great blunders of this administration." How, exactly? Maybe we should have gone to war sooner, before the weapons went missing. But that could have meant going in with even less "global test" approval from the UN and France and all the other hand-wringing nations around the world. And what makes this stockpile so important? What about the 240, 000 tons that we've already locked down or destroyed? The IAEA knew those weapons could be used in the building of nuclear weapons but since Saddam crossed-his-heart promised to use them for civilian construction that was OK? And the Democrats can't have it both ways. Saddam wasn't a threat, but these weapons were, but not the 240,000 tons we already found? What kind of infantile logic is this?

This is from Captain's Quarters: The Bush campaign fired its own salvo at the Kerry campaign after NBC's report late last night, scolding Kerry for having run with the Rumor Of The Day without also having done any checking to see if the story was true. Kerry had called the missing explosives "one of the great blunders of this administration" without explaining how he would have done anything differently or guaranteeing that he would have secured 100% of the loose munitions in Iraq.
And here's where the Kerry campaign gets stupid. Joe Lockhart issued a quick reply to the Bush campaign which demonstrates that (a) Lockhart can't read, and (b) the Kerry campaign concerns itself with rumor and innuendo rather than facts and truth.

How dumb does the Kerry campaign (and their NYT, CBS counterparts) think the American public is?

Catain's Quarters (here, here, here, and here) and LGF (here, here, and here)have a great roundup on the issues here and how this story even made it to the front page.